Driftless Folk School

Join Our Kickstarter – Putting Down Roots

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The Driftless Folk School in southwestern Wisconsin is dedicated to teaching traditional skills that inspire life-long learning. We are seeking  funding to develop our campus, the heart of which will be an outdoor classroom and amphitheater and a cabin for our internship program.  With your support  the campus village will provide all participants a “sense of place” which  nurtures a “safe” environment for self expression!   We will create a multitude of  possibilities to learn new skills, and open our hearts and minds to the future.

We are a not-for profit and the Rewards are generously donated by Driftless Folk School Instructors-unique gifts for you or someone you care about. 50% of your contribution is tax deductible if you accept the reward. 100% is tax deductible if you opt out of the reward.

We have to reach the entire GOAL of  $25,000 to collect any funds. If we raise more than our goal, we will use the funds to begin the design of the indoor community hall and classrooms.